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Learner Positioning Service (LeaPos)

The Learner Positioning Service performs a qualitative and a quantitative analysis of learners’ texts, to give measure of the similarity and fit between the learner’s language use and the language used by the Community of Practice the learner strives to belong to. Qualitative analysis involves the scoring of phrases extracted from learner texts according to distinctive features of their usage by comparing its frequency in high and low quality texts as graded by experts. Quantitative analysis uses information such as occurrence counts of these phrases to compute a measure of fit of the learner language as compared to the relevant Community of Practice. In addition, conceptual coverage of learner texts is computed using ontologies by counting how many associated concepts are found in the learner texts.
Tutors can use the results to decide which materials need to be studied by the learner, and in which area of conceptual knowledge the learner may require further support. Learners can evaluate their own positions and identify their strengths and weaknesses.



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