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PolyCAFe - Chat & Forum Analysis and Feedback System

PolyCAFe produces various kinds of information about discussions in chats and forums, both quantitative and qualitative, such as metrics (e.g. the relative importance of each utterance, learner grades both globally and for particular features like the involvement in the collaboration, the social effect of what they said, etc.), and content analysis results (such as the coverage of the key concepts to be discussed and the discourse threads).

PolyCAFe also provides visual feedback about the interactions and the social participation. The visualization of the conversation and forum is interactive; that means the learners and tutors may explore different perspectives and discussion threads, they may view implicit links discovered by the system between utterances or posts and they may see the threading of using different concepts.

Additionally, the system offers the possibility to search for the most important participants or utterances in the discussion given a search query, using lexical and semantic similarities, plus a social score. Thus, the users can discover other learners who are very good on a given topic and filter the conversation with regard to a given perspective given by the search query.


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Elgg-based Student Link:

Username: polycafeTest
Password: polycafePwd
Role: Learner

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Username: ltfll
Password: ltfll
Role: Tutor


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