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Personal Learning Environment

A personal learning environment is a network of people surrounding an individual with the persons in this network making use of artefacts and tools while they involve in isolated or collaborative activities of more or less planful (co-)construction of knowledge and information (Wild et al., 2008).

The individual at the centre actively and passively modifies this environment through actions with the intention to positively influence her social, self, methodological, and professional competence, i.e. changing her potentials for future action. For example, the individual makes decisions on tools to be used in learning workflows. With environments such as the elgg widget container set up within the LTfLL project, managing the technical side of the environment becomes easier.

Though the individual tries to structure the environment, she is not fully in control to design it, as characteristics and affordances of and relationships between the agents in the network (persons, tools, artefacts) are not oriented towards a common goal and according to a joint plan.


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