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The outcomes of the LTfLL project are prototypes of next-generation services built on advanced research on the application of language technologies in education. Their exploitation to a consumer market requires some further development (on usability, transferability to other domains and other learning environments, etc.).



The target groups (as targeted people) of the LTfLL outcomes can be grouped in three:

Researchers and developers: these stakeholders are targeted for further development of the LTfLL services to create consumer products. This includes the NLP development of the applications to other domains, the creation of new services based on language technologies and integration and customisation to specific user environments.

Content service providers: these are the content providers and support providers who ensure the organisational, logistical and technical prerequisites of the services

End-users of the LTfLL services: these are the actual users of the LTfLL applications, i.c. lifelong learners, students and/or teachers at learning organisations.


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