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Interested in Widget Development?

People interested in widget development and inter-widget communication (IWC) are invited to join the following discussion:

Interested in Language Technologies?

Colleagues interested in Language Technologies are invited to join the following community and research network:

WU Vienna Research Newsletter, 29.9.2010

Press release

Presentation & Demo, Celstec 21.9.2010

Presentation for academics and researchers

Second Workshop on Natural Language Processing in Support of Learning, 14.9.2010

Workshop at Politehnica University of Bucharest Department of Computer Science and Engineering
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Conference, AMEE Glasgow UK, 8.9.2010

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ALT-C, Nottingham, England, 7-9.9.2010

The LTfLL Project presents a joint demo of WP4.1 and WP4.2
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Presentation, Gallup Europe 4.9.2010

Workshop for Commercial Company

ROCHI, Bucharest, Romania, 2-3.9.2010

Conference for academics, education, industry and researchers.

ICHL 2010, Beijing, China, 16.-18.8.2010

Conference for academics, education and researchers.

Workshop, University of Manchester medical education research group, 9.7.2010

Workshop for medical education researchers.

ICALT 2010, Sousse, Tunisia, 5.-7.7.2010

Conference for medical education researchers.

ROEDUNET 2010, Sibiu, Romania, 24.-26.6.2010

Conference for medical education researchers.

Conference:, 29.5.2010

Amsterdam, Netherlands
journalists, developers, government employees
Denmark, UK, The Netherlands

Supporting eLearning with Language Resources and Semantic Data, 22.5.2010

Workshop for research and industry

Conference LREC, 19.-21.5.2010

Conference for research and industry

CSEDU 2010, Valencia, Spain, 7. - 10.4.2010

Conference for academis, aducation and researchers.

Dissemination Event, 30.3.2010

Rud moor Centrum/Heerlen
Educational practitioners involved in teachers' training/development
Netherland, Germany

First Tübingen Workshop on Machine Learning, 26.3.2010

Workshop for scientifics

Manchester Medical Education Conferenc, 23.3.2010

Manchester, UK
Hospital doctors, GPs and academics from NW England involved in training undergraduate doctors
NW England

CICLING 2010, Iasi, Romania, 21.-27.3.2010

Conference for academis, aducation and researchers.

IBM Academic Days for Universities in Romania, 15.3.2010

Presentation of PolyCAFe (WP5.1) of LTfLL made by Stfean Trausan-Matu
Industry and academic