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Long Thread

Long Thread Concept

The "long" thread (described in D3.3) was devised as a demonstration of pedagogical improvement resulting from combining four of the services into one personal learning environment (PLE). This scenario involves an English speaking learner in the IT domain answering the question “What is Web 2.0?”. The learner uses the iFLSS to locate potential learning resources. Then, the learner uses PenSum to write (and improve) a synthesis. The completed synthesis is fed into Conspect, which provides a conceptogram and a list of concepts. If the user clicks on one of the concepts, Conspect automatically passes the concept to iFLSS, which subsequently provides learning resources from sources such as YouTube, delicious, or BibSonomy. A tutor then picks a few concepts and asks the learners to discuss them in forums or chat groups. Finally, PolyCAFe helps in analysing this discussion.

The long thread