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Common Semantic Framework: Formal and Informal Learning Support System

The Formal Learning Support System (FLSS) as part of the Common Semantic Framework (CSF) offers various browsing and searching functionalities. A simple text search returns documents with a varying degree of relevance. Semantic search makes the results more relevant, by using different wordings of a concept and exploiting implicit semantic relations in the text. Browsing the domain ontology helps the teacher to organize taxonomically his/her curriculum...
The learning materials in FLSS are annotated automatically. Users can browse these texts with annotated concepts and contexts, and thus can compile manually a curriculum, a glossary and a test for the learners that will take into account the learner’s profile (as a group and individually).
The LTfLL Common Semantic Framework (CSF) supports stakeholders in identifying, retrieving and exchanging the relevant learning material for a given learning task. The Informal Learning Support system (iFLSS) supports the knowledge discovery process through an ontology enhanced with the vocabulary of the Community of Practice (CoP) and by recommending material on the basis of the content, tags and users belonging to the CoP. Communication is facilitated through the use of social networks and new communities of learners can be established through the recommendations provided by the system.


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