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Benefits of LTfLL Tools

is designed to support tutors and learner candidates to establish a specific definition of required training units and corresponding learning methods. The provision of detailed and optimised hints for the learning path provides many benefits (learner saves time, learners and tutors will be more satisfied and motivated).

helps learners and tutors to analyse the progress of a learner, individually; and to compare the learner with another learner, with the course learning outcomes, with the emerging reference model, and with a group of learners (immediate feedback to learners, enhanced motivation and satisfaction for learners to prepare summaries).

Learners in various contexts (schools, universities, communities of practice and other web communities) are using web communication technologies such as instant messaging and discussion forums. However, most of this data is not really used by the teachers and learners after the discussion is finished and the data is lost.
The PolyCAFe aims at solving these issues by offering the participants real-time feedback, support and recommendation for their participation in a web discussion. It also provides improved visualization of the discussion and implicit link detection between utterances in order to assess collaboration - one of its objectives being to stimulate the collaboration of users in web conversations.

PenSum provides semantic-based feedback at two main levels, about how well a given set of sentences are explained and argued (relevance of students’ course syntheses, coherence between sentences) and about how the different sentences from the course are covered.
More generally, such a tool allows students’ self-regulation of their learning and lets teachers focus on higher levels of assessment and scaffolding.

Learning Support System
The LTfLL Informal Learning Support Service is designed to support tutors and learners in finding relevant content and peers by offering ontology-based and social network-based search services:
The service assists the learner in locating appropriate materials.
The service enables the learner to locate relevant peers.
Collaborative building of knowledge is supported, since the social search service


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