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The LTfLL Tools

All services developed in LTfLL use high-level technology to bring more insight and analysis to available data (such as learner output in essays and blogs, learner conversations on chat platforms and forums). Their aim is to support users in processing this vast amount of data in a faster and more profound way, through the provision of small user-friendly applications in widget format.

LeaPos CONSPECT PolyCAFe PenSum Learning Support
(Learner Positioning Service) (Service for Monitoring Conceptual Development) (Chat & Forum Analysis and Feedback System) (Online Synthesis Advisor) (Formal Learning Support System & Informal Learning Support Service to Locate Content and Peers)
Key Features: Key Features: Key Features: Key Features: Key Features:
Develop individualised and cost reduced training Immediate feedback to learners Learners get useful feedback immediately after they finish a chat discussion PenSum provides semantic-based feedback at two main levels: Learners save time because the service enables the learner to locate relevant peers
The learner saves time Enhanced motivation and satisfaction for learners to prepare summaries Offers a better understanding and a way of visualization of the collaborative processes - how well a given set of sentences are explained and argued Learners improve their understanding of a topic during the search process
The learner will be more satisifed and motivated The ability for tutors to locate students lagging behind the group Students are more involved and motivated with the course or domain of the conversation - about how the different sentences from the course are covered The collaborative building of knowledge is supported

Also a number of side outcomes of the research in this project have been identified as potential exploitable results. Especially, the methodologies used and validated in LTfLL (Scenario Based Design Methodology and Validation Methodology) and research and technical experience on Natural Language Processing (LSA, discourse analysis, etc.) and on the integration of Widgets and Inter-Widget Communication have value for exploitation in commercial and non-commercial environments.