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Welcome to the LTfLL Project


Technology-enhanced learning (TEL) becomes ever more pervasive in the world of education. A number of challenges are imposed by the technology itself, such as gaining access to the right tools, mastering them, usability and optimised utilisation as well as interoperability issues when using different tools or devices. However, increasingly, also the products produced by these technologies (‘content’ in the widest sense) become a challenge. The deluge of digital content produced by learners calls for new innovative strategies and ways to deal with it, in order to control the workload for tutors and students, while at the same time improving the understanding of what has been produced and how it contributes to reaching the learning goals.

Finding new innovative ways to tackle this newest challenge is one of the ambitions of the ‘Language Technologies for Lifelong Learning’ project (LTfLL). Its two baseline objectives are: (a) helping people learn, and, (b) helping tutors/teachers to support learners.
With respect to the problems about content overload mentioned above, LTfLL investigates and develops more intelligent next generation support and advice services for individual and collaborative learning. LTfLL is directed towards text-based artefacts and uses a number of different language technologies to analyse them and to give feedback about them back to the users.
tl_files/LTfLL-Website-Images/LTfLL_News_and_Events.jpgA number of scenarios of pedagogic relevance have been created that highlight particular problems in dealing with digital text artefacts. These fall into the area of positioning the learner and their progress, providing qualitative and just-in-time feedback on text production, and, knowledge retrieval and sharing.


Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)* The LTfLL project is partially supported/co-funded by the European Union under the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) theme of the 7th Framework Programme for R&D (FP7-ICT-2007-1-4.1)

Testing LTfLL Tools

To learn more about the LTfLL Tools we offer a free access for testing the tools - Quick steps:

- Read the general description of the tools on the LTfLL web site.
- View the Screencast for the tool
- Use the testuser accounts on the Home-Page.

Engage with LTfLL

We warmly welcome your contributions and comments to our work. Let us know what you think about the potential of language technologies for lifelong learning and our tools. What do you as a teacher or learner need?

We also have more technical discussions and invite developers or IT service staff to talk to us.

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